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Seal Coating and Pavement Striping in  California

Preserve your parking lot and give it a professional finish with seal coating and pavement striping from United Pavement Maintenance of Hughson, California.

Parking Lot Striping, Seal Coating, Pavement Striping in Hughson, CA

Seal Coating and Striping

Prevent water from seeping through cracks and preserve your asphalt with a hot crack fill and seal coat application. In addition to unparalleled sealing and paving services, we provide striping and layout services for new and existing parking lots.

Thermoplastic Markings

We provide high-quality markings for parking lots and roads, including lane markings , crosswalks, arrows, letters and numbers. Thermoplastic markings  remain on paved surfaces for years longer than paint. United Pavement Maintenance also offers thermoplastic and paint removal. 

Contact us to learn more about seal coating and pavement striping or to request a service from our professionals in Hughson, California.